We have a number of websites and products in what may appear to be in different areas.

These areas are very much connected and the fundamental beliefs that have led us to create them, or promote specifically chosen products through them are

Health, Wealth & Happiness.

Recognising that once you take responsibility for your own life, your life can be truly amazing.

If you then chose to help others do the same, the world can be an almost unimaginably awesome place!

Our three main sites are:



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The Wealth Preservation Society

The WPS is our interface with the ‘real world’. The site is based on preserving your financial wealth, which currently is at huge risk. It is also your opportunity to not only help us to keep spreading the word, but your opportunity to create a passive income stream for yourself…leaving you more time to help yourself and others!

This is our only paid membership site.

This payment allows us to pay YOU! Take a look to find out how.


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The Health Preservation Society

This HPS is about mind and body – Health and happiness. Recognising what makes us ‘tick’, and how the society we live in has taught us to become rather helpless!

HPS membership is free!


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The Self Preservation Society

Feel free to take a look around, but take care as it is still under construction!

The SPS is intended to help you find the answer to the question ‘Who are YOU?…Really?

It is about dreams and passions, heart and soul.

SPS membership is free!





“What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health,

out of debt, and has a clear conscience.”

— Adam Smith 1723 – 1790

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